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1. Travel to Vancouver Island

Several ferry connections are available between Mainland BC and Vancouver Island. We recommend using reservations where available. BC Ferries can be reached at 1-888-BCFERRY or at

2. Drive to Buckley Bay

Once in Nanaimo, take Highway 19 (Island Highway) to the Buckley Bay exit (exit 101). This exit brings you directly to the Denman Island ferry terminal. Buckley Bay is approximately 1 hour north of Nanaimo or 3 hours north of Victoria. For a more scenic route take Highway 19A (Old Island Highway). Oceanside Route 19a (Old Island Highway) is an alternative that takes you along the waterfront, directly past the Buckley Bay ferry terminal. Allow extra time to enjoy this scenic route.

3. Ferry to Denman Island

A ten minute ferry crossing from Buckley Bay brings you to Denman Island. A ten minute drive across Denman Island will bring you to Gravelly Bay where the Hornby Island ferry terminal is located. Simply follow the signs and traffic. You may also obtain a map of Denman and Hornby Island at the Buckley Bay ferry terminal. Please obey all posted speed limits to ensure the safety of all travellers, wildlife, hikers, cyclists and Denman Islanders.

4. Ferry to Hornby Island

From Gravelly Bay, another ten minute ferry ride brings you to Hornby Island. Bradsdadsland is a few kilometres straight from the ferry. Follow signs.

Special Notes:

The last connecting ferry from Vancouver Island to Denman Island is 6:00 pm daily (or 10:00 pm on Friday evenings only). This allows you to catch the last ferry from Denman Island to Hornby Island which is 6:35pm daily (10:35pm on Fridays).